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bill bratten, critics say his approach to policing is not the right fight fit, they are concerned about his support of stop and frisk techniques which he said is a critical part of policing. he said that his department stops and searches suspects when there's probable cause and he supports hiring him as a consultant. >> he is one of the most prolific and pro found policing minds in the country. and we are fortunate to have him come here and help us understand the dynamics of oakland, and tosy with our community members, our staff and see leaders to develop a comp henceive plan to address the crime problems in oakland. >> oakland has summarily rejected the things he stands for.
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we rejected curfews. >> he is the former police kmeef in -- police chief in other majorities. we will have a live report on the hiring report at 6:00. a heinous crime that left a little dog dead. they have now identified the man responsible for throwing a dog into traffic while committing a robbery. last month, officers believe barrett robbed a woman in a car and then through her dog into the street. if you know anything about his whereabouts, you are asked to call police. >> it was a gruesome discovery, a man's body found stuffed in the trunk of his own car. the body was found last night near the sonoma state campus. the car was in a no parking zone, sheriff's deputies noticed blood on the driver's side and noticed the trunk unlocked and
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then found the body. the victim is a sonoma county man with a criminal history. the motive for his killing is unclear. >> they are going to process the vehicle for any kind of fingerprints or any physical evidence that may lead us to the person that drove the vehicle to that location. >> officers say the man's girlfriend is safe and not considered a suspect in his death, investigators say it appears that the car was there in that no parking zone since saturday. no word yet on exactly how that man died. >> and an early morning fire near the bridge is now being called suspicious. it started on an abandon pier near a building that is at least 100 years old. they would to keep burning material from floating away. the fire is suspicious because the building is abandon and they cannot find an obvious source.
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no one was hurt. we have new information into what happened before a oil tanker hit the bay bridge last week t pilot, made a last minute course change. he had apparently planned to go between two towers near the middle of the western span, but then tried to turn the tanker to go through a different opening causing him to hit one of the towers. it's not clear why he made the last minute change. the coast guard and federal investigators are not commenting on this report. well the question is, will you like it? tonight there's a new way to find what you are looking for online and your friends will help you find it. we are talking about facebook's newest featured that was uni israeled today. we were at the launch and we are joined from facebook headquarte headquarters. mark zuckerberg rolled out the next big thing, i'm confused about it. explain. >> it's search. search has been lucrative here in silicon vail. google and twitder have proven that, facebook wants in on the
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action. today here at headquarters rolling out a search engine of its own to help you find things on the internet in a new way and while they are at it, maybe improving their bottom line. they call it graph search and unlike google that scours the internet for information, facebook entry scours facebook, so you can get information based on what your friends like and what they use. >> i need a plummer, i need a dentist, i need a doctor and normally we would ask our friends for that type of stuff. that is how we did things for hundreds of years and then came the search is engines and we stopped asking the friends and then started asking things that did not know us well. >> graph search which is in beta right now and will roll out gradually over the next few months marks a new direction for facebook that has been successful when it comes to social networking but not so much when it comes to search. the company addressed privacy concerns today saying it is making it easier for users to
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adjust the privacy settings but remember all that stuff on facebook is now searchable. it was not just our tech reporters that were watching the announcement. wall street was watching as well and several bay area stocks move odd the news. starting with facebook, perhaps investors wanted more out of today's announcement. while google saw the stock price go higher. linkedin investors not too worried about the search that facebook can give you, where you can look up and find where your friends are working, but yelp could be in for a rough ride. you can now get information on things from people you know and trust. so we will see how it works in the days and weeks to come. nbc bay area news. >> very interesting, thank you, scott. it's a new way to help get your college dee dwree, that is the hope. san jose state and the rest of
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the csu system is launching a pilot program intended to help a larger amount of students to graduate. the plan involves putting classes online with the new focus and san jose state is working with the ill silicon valley start up, chris sanction is joining us with the details live from campus. >> reporter: hi there, if you thought you could get a csu degree without finding a parking spot around the campus, you will be disappointed that is not the direction that san jose stalt and the rest of csus are headed. instead they are offering a pilot program with courses online that are specifically designed toward basic course work to make students better prepared to graduate. the san jose state president reached out to the folks at udacity. a online education startup, known for offering special courses for free. through them, you will have access to remedial math and college level math as well as a
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statistics course for just $150 a piece. these are courses that students have to pass within their first year to continue on in their education. goencher jerry brown attended the signing of the agreement, because it's a way for students to graduate with lower student loan debt. >> 16% of the students at cal state get out in four years. and the longer you stay, the more you spend. so, this is a big huge problem with student debt approaching a trillion. so, online is a part of that solution. >> now, today, governor brown was all smiles at the csu announcement, but tomorrow he le ask that they explain their online failure, only one nonstudent enrolled after the uc system spent more than $4 million in marketing to students. now in contrast, the csu model is built for a existing group of
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students, students that need the courses to graduate at $150 a course. most students need some level of remediation, they expect the spots will fill up fast and they will have to turn others away. >> there's a new push to change the name of san francisco's airport. the san francisco lawmaker introduced legislation today that if approved, would rename sfo in honor of slain gay rights leader, harvey milk. he needs five others to agree to get it on the ballot. if it goes through, sfo would be the first airport to be named in the nation after a openly gay person. and good afternoon, i'm jeff in the nbc area weather center. after a frigid tart, 25 in gilroy, napa 28, and redwood city 22. and san jose down to 33, all the
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cold and still air has a spare the air alert in effect for wednesday. the worst air quality expected in the north bay, we will have detail on a warming trend and how high that thermometer will go in a few minutes. and ahead, another choice, the new birth control option that could be available soon and the big difference to what is already on the market. keeping memories alive. meet the man that is in the center on of a project to protect the pieces of our past. start of our bay area proud series.
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>> district attorney the dealing with a good thing tonight. the gun collection process has gone so well, they have run out of money. they are offering $200 for every firearm turned in. most that surrendered the gun
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today did it with the connecticut school massacre on their minds but they chose to hold the buy-back program today because it was the 84th birthday of martin luther king, jr. a victim of gun violence. >> i do not use them, i keep them around, so cash is better at this point. >> since the cash has run out, people will be given a voucher, if you still have a couple more hours to do it, the voucher congress redeemed in the next 30 days. in the meantime, the district attorney will be working to raise more money. all the guns collected today will be destroyed. >> the president will announce the new gun control proposal tomorrow. the president is expected to push for a ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines and universal background checks. as the gun debate continues the
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nra is facing new criticism, this time it's because of a game on itunes. it came out on the one-month of the sandy hook shootding. that was yesterday. players use a variety of of weapons, including assault weapons to fire on in door and outdoor gun ranges. the nra will not say they authorized the use of their name. last month the ceo blamed the nation's gun violation on violent video games. >> a birth control pill for men. researches are woerking on a pill that stopped men from producing sperm. it works by blocking vitamin a, a key component. tests in mice show it works 100% of time. >> anybody who has uncovered a stash of old home movies you
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know you are in for a treat. now imagine local history that belongs to all of us. we are talking about thousands of areas of film from the bay area waiting to be seen. we have the story of the man whose goal, all he wants to do is smar it with everyone. right? >> he is a brit that moved to the bay area less than a decade ago, but probably knows about the history in the' 50s and' 60s and' 70s than most, and he wants nothing more than for you to see it too. on the campus of san francisco state university, inside their state of the art library, it's something obsolete that keeps him busy. thousands and thousands rolls of film. news film, recorded from the' 50s through the' 70s, 4,000
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hours of bay area history, captured at 24 frames a second. >> this film was shot in 1969. i will be the first person, very probably to have looked at this film since 1969. >> the footage housed at the san francisco bay area television archive has been rescued in a way. you see, before recording on video, and later digitally, television news was captured, edited and broadcast on film. that film went from unused to unwatched and to unwanted. much of it, perhaps most of it was just thrown away. >> i went into an archive and a bunch of film had just been thrown away, because the film was restricting people's access to get to pallets of toilet paper. >> the archive though is dedicated to not just saving the physical film, but uncovering and sharing its secrets. the first challenge for alex is
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figuring out what is on it. labels, if they exist at all are often generic or flat out wrong. >> there's one that says, old con-mon, that could be really cool. or it could be really serious. i have no idea. >> once alex has decided what to work with. each reel is cleaned, repaired and digit ittized. >> it's a different type of history and it's a history you can take part in. >> the process can be pain-staking and slow. over the years alex has made it through roughly 200 hours of film or just 5% of the archive. still, he is uncovered treasurers of bay area history. >> you know you are lying! >> harvey milk debating. and dianne feinstein campaigning, and jerry brown announcing. >> there's even woody allen and mohamed ali being themselves and the' 60s being the' 60s.
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>> however many we put on line there's more to be discovered. it's like opening pandora's box, until you show people what is in the collection, they cannot connect with it and want it. >> it's 43 free, free for anybody to watch. >> we can watch it right now. >> you can no online and watch it. i will caution you, you will spend two hours there. it's a big job, as you heard and it's really just one guy plugging away at it, at the current pace it could take him 20 years to get through all the stuff sompt a little help may be needed. >> some interns may be out there and be interested. >> so cool about the history. >> two hours. >> stan franbay area tv archive is what you google. i will put a link to it on my facebook page. >> thank you. >> well i felt like it was a few degrees warmer, didn't you? >> it was boiling sunshine today.
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so warm comparatively. >> was i right? it was warmer? >> yes, we did have 20s and scans show rain free, no rain drops in sight and cloud free, and the clear conditions enabled us to get colder than the east coast. it's not just cold by our standards but across the bay area. colder than dallas, texas and new york city, it led to scenes like this, this piblth coming in from a facebook viewer, a frozen found. i am sure he will be happy to learn we will have thawing going on, along with all of you, the temperatures will warm up. right now, it's cold, temperatures mid to upper 40s but we have something a little bit larger that will start to change things besides the winds that are becoming more warming. let's go outside to the live hd sky camera network, as the
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sunsets, notice the haze in the center of your screen. we have the ploougz and up to san francisco, it's providing an awesome sunset as the sun rays reflect off the pollution, it's looking gorgeous out there tonight, there's a spare the air alert in effect for wednesday. let's get a look, all eyes are focused to warming trend that we expect over the next two to three days. the high pressure will get closer to us, it will not move on top of us that provide 80s and 90s that is unheard of this time of year. but it will help to kick the cold air out of the way, we will get a small slice of region of high pressure and temperatures could warm up from 5-10 degrees as we go to the up coming weekend, by saturday, i think you will notice it. petalmua going from 50 to 64 by saturday, walnut creek from 65-62, and palo alto from double nickels to 66 on saturday. for morning forecast, it will be cold, but notice this, temperatures will be up 3-5 degrees from this morning.
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34 in the alameda valley. and 28 in santa rosa and by the afternoon on wednesday, it will be sunny and hazy and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. not a huge warm up expected for tomorrow. but definitely noticeable. on the three-day forecast. sunny through thursday and friday, we get to the mid 60s by the end of the work week and yes, it gets better as we head into the up coming weekend. by saturday, 66 degrees. i'm calling it a sweet stride. a bit of a -- as we go through sunday, clouds are in here, mid 60s and for martin luther king day, it takes sunny and next tuesday, we will have rain off shore, we are not putting a rain icon on there yet, but we are looking for sub tropical cal moisture, could be interesting by mid next week. >> 3-day weekend coming up. >> thanks, jeff. >> we will be right back.
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>> hockey is back and the sharks
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will play against phoenix, if you do not have tickets your first chance is pick them up is less than 24 hoirs away. tickets will go on sail at 10:00 tomorrow morning online at ticket, there's a ten ticket limit per game. and you can go to hp pavilion to buy tickets, a wrist band system will be used. sad news, the original owner of the sharks died today in palm springs. he brought pro hockey to san jose and helped to revitalize the city, the sharks will wear his initials on their helmets. gg3. we will be back in a moment. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >> lot more news coming up in
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the next 90 minutes. let's go to the newsroom. >> uncle sa many is taking more in tax dollars, next the alarming number of americans that are dipping into their retirement accounts to pay their bills and our interview with ann frank's stepsister, you will not want to miss it. >> we will see you then. >> and we have a high pressure system moving in. that is good news, right? >> i love that, sun issy kais from the high pressure system, wednesday, thursday and friday with mid 60s expected even by saturday, so, a warmup, that is what we are calling it the next couple of days. >> thanks for watching, we will see you at 6:00.
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on the broadcast tonight, he did it. lance armstrong comes clean after years of denials. now the consequences for him, for the cancer charity he founded, even the future of his sport at the olympics. late word on the action the president plans to take on gun control tomorrow. fighting the flu. what are the real odds of getting sick after getting the flu shot, which in some places is getting a lot harder to find. and cashing out. an alarming number of americans draining the money they were saving for retirement to pay the bills right now. also tonight, our inspiring "making a difference" report. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. shortly before air time tonight, we learned about what the president plans to announce rr
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